A picture of Bryce, exploring NYC

I’m Bryce, a clinical fellow at the Suffolk LIT Lab, living in Boston, MA. My mission is to make technology that works better for people.

I received a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Theatre in 2017 and defended my Master’s Thesis in August 2018, all at Rice University. My thesis is based on work in the Kavraki Lab with Lydia Kavraki and Mark Moll on autonomous robotic motion planning algorithms. I then moved up to Boston and worked at Realtime Robotics, working on autonomous vehicle and industrial robot motion planning.

In the Summer of 2020, with the George Floyd protests and COVID-19 exposing deficiencies in our social systems, I reevaluated my career path, and decided to pivot. I worked as a Bluebonnet Data Fellow with Anthia Owens Carter for Georgia, House District 47. I then started a Fellowship with Suffolk LIT Lab, working on the Document Assembly Line Project. I’ve been involved with Code for Boston and Code for America, specifically GetYourRefund’s volunteer experiment team.

I run, read, bike, and advocate with Dotbike, the Dorchester Biking Club (I setup and designed their website).

I used to be a volunteer photographer at BARC, and take my own pup, Jackie, for lots of long walks.

Jackie Boy

This website is built using Jekyll, and the base material theme was made by Alex Carpenter. The header font is Atari-Fancy37, from Eight Bit Atari Fonts. The photos of me are from my friends Yena Han and Grant Raun.