What is this?

It’s a now page: what I’m focused on at the moment, both professionally and personally. It’s what I’d tell on old co-worker if we met up for a 30 minute lunch. Inspired by Derek Sivers. Trying to keep it updated every 3 months or so.

Last updated July 4th, 2024.


Work Stuff

I’m working at the IRS now! I’m in the Taxpayer Experience Integration Office, which is a brand new team working on improving common services for the IRS, streamlining efforts and improving code quality.

For the first time in a while, I feel fairly stable in my career. I feel like have some amount of control over how well I do at my job and that I can actually improve things. Working in such a big organization has been a shift, but I’m starting to feel a bit better now.

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I can talk about. I think I’ll keep quite about most of it for the moment. But I still plan on posting here, it’ll just be about more of what I do in my free time outside the IRS. Still technical content, but might mix in some fun posts now and then.

Latest Github Activity

  • Made a pull request in the SuffolkLITLab/docassemble-ALToolbox repo.

    Correct `aria-controls` to reference correct id

    Issue was caught by aXe-core testing:

    The issue happened because `tag_group_name` was added to the beginning of each id / href, but not to aria-controls.

    The `tab_id` was never used individually, so I just updated it to include both `tab_group_name` and `tab_id`,

    and then replaced its used in the tabs and tab panels.



Started using PopOS! after being on Ubuntu 20.04 for 3 or so years. Playing saxophone mostly, since I finally got it repaired after 9 months of owning it.

Also started playing DnD again with my old group, and it’s fun again.

Listening To

  • Really loving BRAT. Never been much of a Charli girlie, but I might be now.
  • The Challenger’s soundtrack is my new trance / working music
  • Ginger Root is my new favorite funk artist
  Song Artist
The single cover for Von dutch, by Charli xcx Von dutch Charli xcx
The single cover for Neverender, by Justice Neverender Justice
The single cover for I Look to You, by Miami Horror I Look to You Miami Horror
The single cover for Better Than Monday, by Ginger Root Better Than Monday Ginger Root
The single cover for Challengers: Match Point, by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Challengers: Match Point Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
The album cover for Patricia Taxxon's Cavalry Patricia Taxxon


  • Elden Ring, again. I’m slow, but trying to get far enough to start the DLC.


  • A Philosophy of Software Design: a very good way of actually focusing on complexity. Comparing it to Clean Code (don’t get me started) and Refactoring (which is okay, but a lot of “I just think this way is better”), I think it’ll be much more useful in the long term.
  • The Penguin Book of Dragons: pretty interesting read through a lot of historical stuff.
  • The Elements of Typographic Style
  • Dracula, just because. Actually pretty good. Ending seems a little rushed, but overall a good story. Somehow I’d never seen any adaptions of the whole story, just the stage play, which leave out the ending chase.