A collection of the different projects Bryce has made

Here are some of my current and past personal projects, both software and non-software: hope you can learn something from them or just enjoy them!


Venue Summary Partners Links
Docacon 2023 How to hack on Docassemble's internal code Solo slides, video
ITC 23 Evaluating completion ease of forms, and tips to improve them Quinten Steenhuis, Margaret Hagan, and Laurie Garber slides
eCourts 2022 How the Appeals Court and Suffolk worked together for access to justice Quinten Steenhuis and Paul Tuttle slides, video
LIT Lookahead (2022) Summary of the LIT Lab's work from 2020-2022 Solo slides, video
ITC 22 E-filing with Open Source Tools Quinten Steenhuis, Matt Newsted, and Amanda Brown slides
docacon 2021 E-filing in Docassemble Solo slides, video

For presentations I’ve made about my previous robotics work, see my academic work.

Software Projects

These are in reverse-chronological order (newest to oldest).

Misc Smaller Projects

  • A python script to find the furthest location within a given area from a Dunkin Donuts
  • A python script that emails all of the participants of a Murder Mystery party who is guilty and who is innocent, so that everyone can play without someone knowing secret identity of the murder! Keeps a record of the emails sent later. It’s useful for anything that needs to randomly and secretly assign roles to a group of people, without anyone knowing any one else’s role.

Visioning Texts

Visioning Texts is a data visualization tool for your conversations. It runs locally in your browser, giving you power over your information. It works with Signal, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. You can extract your own data, and if you’re too busy to try it yourself, you can view an example image.

Visioning Texts Screenshot


Bodhi is a 2D platformer inspired by the Chinese novel, “Journey to the West”. I handled coding for the entire game using cocos2d-x, and co-designed some of the levels with Mei Tan.

Bodhi's Main Menu


Forest is a procedurally-generated VR ‘game’ that a friend and I made for the Oculus Rift at HackRice 6 (original version). The working title was “No Man’s Forest”, and was just a chance for us to make a VR game, It ended up being a blast. However, since I don’t own a Rift, I had to port the game to Mac! It also builds on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04, feel free to open an issue if it doesn’t build on your machine).

Android Apps

For earlier hackathons, my teams and I made several android apps. They’re all a little old, so I don’t know if they build for versions of android newer than L.

  • Pacer, an app that chooses music based on your running pace at the moment.
  • Pandora’s Pantry, an app that gives you recipes you can make based off ingredients that you have in your refrigerator. The app was one of the finalists at HackRice 4 and our resulting business proposal based on the app idea won 2nd place at the 2015 Owl Open Startup Competition at Rice.

Web Things

Just some neat web-based drawing demos written in Angular2 and Dart.

Personal Projects

3d Art

I used to play around with Blender, a 3D modeling software. When I make something good, I’ll post it here in my gallery.

A low-poly scene of a desert


I used to be a volunteer photographer at BARC, the City of Houston animal shelter, and I gathered a ton of beautiful pictures of some gorgeous pups. Some of my favorites are below, and you can also view the entire collection.

Please please please, if you are living in the Houston area and are considering adopting a dog, go give the good pups at BARC a chance. Check them out!